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Birth Improvement through Technology to Become Immortal

Not long from now, we shall execute both “compulsory birth improvement” and “compulsory education”, and only then can we really turn the great slogan declared as early as two centuries ago, “All men are created equal”, into a reality, instead of a mere wish or dream.

In mankind’s evolution, we should not only wait passively for the favor from nature. “Although mankind is on the top level of natural evolution, it is not perfect yet,and moreover, the natural evolution is very slow. In the 5 million years after humans separated from apes, the developmental change of human DNA was less than 2%.”(Tong Tianxiang) Mankind’s natural evolution is so slow. How can we only rely on the natural evolution process? Now,it is high time for us to control our own evolution direction and speed. Birth improvement through technology should be taken into the important agenda of mankind now.

In 1883,the British biologist Galton put forward the concept of “eugenics”,and more than 100 years have passed since then. According to Galton’s explanation of his concept of eugenics, it is “using better breeding methods to improve the race”.

Birth improvement through technology is different from the ordinary eugenics.

The eugenics in the ordinary sense is nothing else than the following: extending the mating sphere and avoiding intermarriage;Avoiding genetic diseases,and doing premarital and prenatal examination;Noticing the best age for pregnancy, and noticing nutrition in the gestational period;Creating a good environment and doing foetus education and so on.

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