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Ben Roethlisberger Restroom Sex Assault? Alleged Victim Accuses His Behaviour

Ben Roethlisberger Bathroom Sex Assault

Ben Roethlisberger Bathroom Sex Assault

Ben Roethlisberger Troubled With Sex Assault Allegations. Female Accuser accuses restroom sex assault; Ben’s assistant doubts her initiative. Athletes with a sense of entitlement? Virtue-less women with dollar signs in their eyes? Say it ain’t so?

Big Ben is a rich and famous. He also behaves like a swinging bachelor. Are any of the charges true? Only Ben and the women know for sure. One thing is certain: he’ll be a prime target for gold diggers and shyster attorneys until he cleans up his act.

The alleged victim lie or not? Ben Roethlisberger Pummeled With Sex Assault Claims. Accuser claims restroom assault; Ben’s agent questions her motive. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger found himself in some heat at the end of the week, after a 20-year-old female accused Roethlisberger of sexual assault in a Georgia bathroom.

Roethlisberger was in Milledgeville, Georgia with some teammates Thursday night when he and his friends were seen huddled with some females, apparently at a club called the Velvet Elvis. The group moved on to a club called The Brick at one point, and at another time to Capital City nightclub, where the young woman claims Roethlisberger attacked her in a public restroom. (One account has Roethlisberger buying round after round of drinks for his friends and the females with them. It’s not clear what Roethlisberger and his bunch were in the area for, besides partying.)

Specifics of the allegation aren’t clear, and Roethlisberger’s agent, Ryan Tollner, released a statement Friday afternoon saying, “Last night, Ben and his friends met a group of women and everyone mingled together throughout the evening … We have spoken to law enforcement. Based on information currently available, an allegation was made against Ben, which appeared to be dismissed after a preliminary investigation last night. Obviously, given the prior accusation against Ben, we are skeptical of motive, but we will continue to cooperate with everyone involved.”

One young woman was photographed next to Roethlisberger (who has clearly gained weight in his off-season) in a personal photo Thursday night. It’s not clear whether this young woman is the alleged victim, but she’s pictured in a casual plaid button-down and blonde hair.

This is approximately the third time Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault. Stay with LimeLife for the big updates. Plus, if Roethlisberger’s fumble makes you hungry for more sports scoop, read up on Elin Nordegren’s decision to finally move back home with Tiger Woods.

Say it ain’t so Ben! But if it turns out to be true, I doubt I’ll ever watch professional sports again. It’s so disappointing to see so many professional players being on the wrong arm of the law.

Why do these self loving jocks think they don’t have to behave. Why is their behavior not as serious as anyone elses who did the same thing and went to jail (as they should) for it. If guilty fire him and send him to jail!!!!

LOL what is it with celebrities & sports figures like Michael Jackson, Kobe, and Ben who get accused of something bad real bad actually & then allow themselves to be put in a situation again where the same thing true or not can be pulled again. I mean seriously. We all make mistakes granted these accusations if true arent mistakes exactly & are horrible things either way but still if I fall off a cliff you better believe I’m going to be more carefull walking near the next one if I even do. Ben was accused of attacking some woman helping to check the tv so how hard is it to have someone else in the room or better yet go out ask someone at the counter to check it while your away at dinner or something. Gee that’s so hard to think about. Was it one to many concussions? No means no ben LOL even for a rich & some what famous guy like you No means no. Also just cus you are doesnt mean every woman even beautiful ones are all going to want to sleep with you or agree to your requests.

Oh Ben, that head shot from your bike accident doesn’t seem to have healed.

I will go with the odds that she is just a Gold Digging Tramp until proved otherwise.

Okay Mr. “BIG”, I stuck up for you the first time….but you have to start using the thing on top of your shoulders for what is was intended for. Why do you continue to put yourself in these compromising cituations? What gets me is you are not the best looking Quarterback in the league, nor the best looking player on our team, yet I don’t see Drew Breeze or Troy getting in trouble sexually with girls. Why don’t you just use your freekin head and go to e-harmony or something and find a nice woman and settle down! STOP EMBARASSING the Rooney’s, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the City of Pittsburgh! The whole reason you are a millionaire……Pittsburgh….Rooney’s…ring a bell dumb ass! Get your freekin act together or I say hit the road! I also have a 28 yr old son and If I was your Mother, I would be greatly dissapointed in you right now!

This is the third time macho man has been hit with assualt allegations and the stench off him is rising. Get your ego out of our butt, you dumb nut, and stop acting acting like no woman can resist you, Even with your status as a NFL QB and money, you’re still a loser. It’s the bar’s fault. I’ll bet they didn’t have the restrooms clearly marked!

Of course this girl is lying; hoping for a large settlement out of court. On the other hand though, Roethlisberger needs to learn to just stay home instead of going out to the clubs and hanging out with these skanks. The only reason these girls go to these clubs is to hook-up with rich, powerful men. Then, if they are turned down by one these guys they hurry up and say they were raped. Time to go to church and meet a nice girl you can take home to mom.

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