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Beijing’s Northern Door: Juyoongguan Yuntai, The Great Wall

The Great Wall
Juyoongguan Yuntai. Juyongguan, Beijing’s northern door, was one of the most important passes of the Great Wall. Yuntai is a famous scenic spot in Juyongguan.

居庸関雲台 居庸関は北京の北の戸口であり、昔から長城の重要な関所である。

La Grande Muraglia.
 Yuntai del passo di chuyongguan.  Chuyongguan è il passo nord di Pechino, era un importante passo sulla Grande Muraglia.

La Grande Muraille 
La Terrasse des Nuages de la Passe de Juyongguan (Juyongguan Yuntai) La Passe de Juyongguan, une des plus importante passe de la Grande Muraille, est la porte nord de Beijing.

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