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Before Man Become Immortals

Today, longivity has already begun to become possible. Some scientists already predicted, by virtue of the deciphering the gene code, mankind’s life span will be greatly extended. So far, the optimistic estimation by some scientists is 1200 years, and the most pessimistic estimation is no less than 500 years. Haris, member of British Committee of Human Gene, pointed out, if we keep on studying, theoretically speaking, it is not a hard matter to let mankind’s average lifetime reach 1200 years. The discovery of the gene code alone has greatly changed the traditional lifetime limitation in the scientific circle, from the one hundred years or so to a thousand years or so. We can imagine, along with the continual breakthrough in science, people’s understanding of mankind’s lifetime limitation will change greatly all the time, from the one thousand years to five thousand years, ten thousands years, until an eternal life.

As a scientific term, “immortal” has the following four major attributes:

The first major attribute is living without aging, transcending the time limitation, freeing completely from the abyss of misery of “birth, aging, illness and death”, getting the limitless freedom and eternal youth.

A person has only one life, and a life is for once. Only by possessing the life can we say possessing everything: career, family, love and happiness. Whoever you are, what you crave for most is the extension of your life.

We do not only need “living a long life”, but also need “not getting old”. If, after enjoying a short youth, you fall into the state of senility, lingering on in a steadily worsening condition, then, it will constitute the greatest suffering. In Gulliver’s Travels, Swift wrote, in an island country, those who have lived to the age of 80 will become anile and useless. Such a long life is indeed a great misfortune.

“Immortals” never get old, keeping young forever. The only difficulty lies in “forever”. Shakespeare said: “Time may pierce the color finishing on the surface of youth, may dig trenches and slots on the forehead of a beauty, and may eat up a bird of wonder! Nothing can escape from his sweeping sickle.” Realization of eternal life and keeping youth forever is the complete victory in mankind’s conquest of time.

“Everyone must die”. But the great development of modern technology has shaken this “natural law” that has always been regarded as unshakable.

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