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Becoming Immortals on Life Transformation

Lifetime means “from cradle to tomb”,and we need education at every moment of our life. Usually, people only pay attention to the dozen or more years of education from primary school to college, but neglect other periods, regardless of whether it is more important or not.

The goal of becoming gods is extremely great and high, so, naturally we need sustainable development, continual learning and incessant education. Hence,we absolutely need a lifetime education. The lifetime here is not a few decades,nor hundreds of years,but thousands of years or even an eternal lifetime.

Now, more and more scientists and educationists agree:Early education is the most important. Scientific research has discovered:About 50% of the intellectual development of a person is realized from the fetal period to the age of four;30% is accomplished from four to eight; 20% is from eight to seventeen. The development of human intelligence in the first 4 years equals that of the later 13 years. Not only intelligence development is so,but the same is true of other aspects, too.

Great educationist Tao Xingzhi thought: “All important habits, tendencies and attitudes needed for a person are basically cultivated successfully before six. In other words,the period before the age of six is the most important period for nurturing the personality.” If we neglect or miss this key period,the re-education afterwards will get half the result with twice the effort. Great educationist Ushinsky also thought: “A person’s character is mostly formed within the first few years, and what is built up in the person’s character in
these few years is very firm, becoming the person’s second nature.”

Great educationist Makarenko pointed out more clearly: “The foundation of education is laid chiefly before the age of five. It accounts for 90% of the whole education process.” The facts about “wolf children” and “bear children” can serve as full proof that what these educationists and scientists said are correct.

The period before 6 or 5 is the most crucial period of life, and the education in this period stands head and shoulders above the education at any other time! However, at present, we do nothing for this period, excluding it out of compulsory education completely. What a great mistake we have made! Now we have to correct what we did wrong. Only in this way can we have the chance of becoming immortals.

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