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Beautiful scenery of Yards in South China

Yards in South China, condenses the scenery in the South of the Yangzi River and has unique styles of their own.  The layouts of the yards are small but the miniature hills, waterfalls and pavilions each shines more brilliantly in the other’s company. Ke Garden, was built by Zhang Jingxiu in Qing Dynasty. The garden has miniature hills, waterfalls, bridges and pavilions; there is also a zigzagged water pool. Standing on the pavilion, the scenery of Wancheng city will appear before your eyes. Ling Garden has 12 halls. In the Cold Fragrance Hall, visitors can see the premises and the flowers connect with one another and they become even beautiful set against each other.  In the Qinghui Garden, visitors can feel the elegant layout and the beautiful scenery constituted with vegetations of South China. In Yuying Garden, visitors can see the buildings echoes with the miniature hills and rivers, which leads the visitors to endless aftertastes.

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