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Family Comedy TV Shows: Parenthood and The Marriage Ref

“Parenthood,” a family drama that begins on Tuesday on NBC, is unexpectedly compelling, even though it looks almost exactly like “Brothers and Sisters” on ABC. Another NBC show, “The Marriage Ref” had its preview on sunday.

Baby’s ears need be protected in a deafening world

Specialists say such safeguards are critical for young ears in a deafening world. Hearing loss from exposure to loud noises is cumulative and irreversible….

Country Singer Blake Shelton’s Six Pak Released

Blake Shelton, a country singer, releases his first “Six Pak” today, a six-song collection called Hillbilly Bone. His Hillbilly Bone CD is sold at a lower price than a regular CD.

Justin Timberlake Participates in Comedy Bad Teacher

Justin Timberlake has joined the cast of Jake Kasdan’s comedy Bad Teacher. He will play a key role as a substitute teacher, the scion of a watch fortune.

Dogs Gradually Used in Courtrooms

The idea of using dogs to ease the tension of being in a courtroom is gaining popularity across the country. Courthousedogs began in Seattle when Stephens took her son’s service dog, Jeeter, to work and discovered that the dog had a calming effect on young witnesses.

Toxicology Tests to Determine Marie Osmond Son’s Death Reason

Whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the death of Marie Osmond’s 18-year-old son? Toxicology Tests will confirm death reason.

The 39 Steps New Version Keep Original Book Spirit

The latest adaptation The 39 Steps, which stars Rupert Penry-Jones as the dashing Richard Hannay, hews closer to the novel, which Buchan called a “shocker,” than Hitchcock’s version. “

6 tips to lose weight for kids

Rates of obesity in kids are rising. Your children are facing obesity problem? There is no quick and easy way to help your child lose weight. It requires long-term modifications in lifestyle and eating habits that need to be incorporated into the family structure. But it can be done.

Cop Out movie review: a fun, stupid comedy

Movie “Cop Out” is directed by Kevin Smith. No essays, no searching for themes or comparisons to other abstract ideas. “Cop Out” is far too gloriously stupid to support anything like that.

5 tips to look after newborn baby

It is a difficult thing to take care of newborn baby. You need to pay special attention and there is plenty of it in newborn baby care about “how to take care of newborn baby”.