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5 Steps to Build Wrestling Rings

Building a wrestling ring is the beginning of being a wrestling superstar. With a little effort and keeping safety in mind, the backyard can be the next location for your “Summer Slam”.

How to Practise Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao Form

Wing Chun was created by Yan Yongchun. It is a combination of the many different forms of self-defense and martial arts training. The first and most basic form is Siu Lim Tao.

Lanshou Men History, Routines and Techniques (Blocking-hand Chuan)

Lanshou Men or the blocking-hand Chuan was created by Zheng Tianxing. It is said to be popular in the areas along both sides of the Yangtze River.

Ditang Quan Major Features and Training Techniques (Ground Tumbling Chuan)

Ditang Quan is also called ground skill Chuan, or the ground tumbling Chuan. It was created in the Southern Song Dynasty (1129-1279) and was mainly practised in Shandong Province. Nowadays, it has been included in the martial arts competition programs.

3 Basic Folkstyle Wrestling Moves

What are folkstyle wrestling moves? Folkstyle wrestling moves are also known as collegiate style wretling. They are any wrestling move that is legal or that is not illegal rather within the rules of folkstyle wrestling or collegiate wrestling.

6 Steps to Do Kung Fu Front Kick

Kung fu front kick is a style that active learners have to master. A front kick, also called a snap kick, is used in virtually every martial arts style that incorporates a kicking routine.

Pigua Quan Techniques and Features (Axe-hitch Chuan)

Pigua Quan or axe-hitch Chuan was known in ancient times as armor wearing Chuan. It is popular in Gansu Province. Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang included the move of putting on armours while fighting as laid out in his book, A New Essay on Wushu Arts.

Cha Quan Origins, Techniques and Characteristics

Cha Quan or the Cha-style Chuan is a Chinese martial art. It is popular in north China. The characteristics of the Cha-style Chuan lie in the fact that its movements are graceful, comfortable, clear, continuous and rhythmic.

Changjia Quan Training Techniques and Features (Chang-family Chuan)

Created by Chang Naizhou (1724-1783) during the Qing Dynasty, Changjia Quan, also called the Chang-family Chuan, is part of Chinese Chuan Styles.

Chuojiao Styles and Techniques (Feet Poking Chuan)

Chuojiao is one of the oldest Chinese Chuan styles. It is also called Feet Poking Chuan and is mainly practised in north China. It is known for its range of feet and leg plays.