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3 Steps to Learn Chinese Kung Fu

Many people are interested in Chinese Kung Fu and want to learn it. Kung Fu is especially beneficial to kids and teens, as it gives them a level of discipline and self worth that will stay with them throughout their adolescence and into adulthood.

4 Basic Shaolin Kung Fu Weapons

Weapons play an important role in Chinese Kung Fu training. There are 4 primary Weapons that everyone should learn before branching out.

Xiuyan Jade, Rrchaic Jade and Precious Stone of China

Pure color, smoothly round yet sturdy texture, archaic jade resembles verdure in snow and life-giving spring breeze and rain. It is nothing but masterpiece of the great nature.

Huairou Historical and Cultural Accumulation with New Luster

Huairou has been, since the ancient times, referred to as benevolent rule, ethical cohesion and combined development. Experience profound Huairou historical and cultural accumulation with new luster.

Feng Zhiqiang, Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Master

Feng Zhiqiang well-known pugilist, one of the important successors of the Chen Style Taijiquan. Born in Shulu, Hebei Province, Feng has studied boxing, such as the stance exercise, Tongbei and Xingyi since childhood.

Mini Culture Center: Creation in Mind

Mini Culture Center Heads through the Door Thoughts in the Till. MCC understands better than anyone that creation has to work hard, and work now. Once we were a solely design & publishing agency. Today we are more broadly based with a diverse range of clients, but we have found no reason to alter the basic tenets upon which MCC was built.