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Entrance Techniques Wing Chun Learners Must Master

How to do Wing Chun entrance techniques? This question is often asked by Wing Chun beginners. Wing chun, or “beautiful springtime”, is one of the major Chinese martial arts. It is also one of the most difficult to master. Yet its basic principles are quite simple.

4 Steps to Perform a Karate Wheel Kick

It is necessary for Karate learners to master wheel kick techniques. The karate wheel kick is a circular technique that is often used as part of a striking combination.

Kinematic and Dynamic Characters of Tai Chi Techniques

Tai Chi is slow in speed, round in route of movement, moderate in tension of muscle, smooth in the center of gravity, and is in possession of significant meanings of kinematics and dynamics.

Aikido Techniques for Beginners: How to Learn Aikido

Today, Aikido is practiced in dojos around the world. How to study Aikido Techniques? You can begin to study Aikido by following a few steps.

5 Steps to Learn Tai Chi at Home

Tai Chi is origin for all things to be generated and developed. It is also origin of natural movement and life movement. Once you have mastered the basic movements of the tai chi form, however, you can easily practice at home.

Japanese Vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Difference Between Styles of Ju Jitsu

Jitsu has been developed by many different people into many different things. Today I will tell you a little about the two popular forms of Jiu Jitsu, being Brazilian and traditional Japanese.

Tai Chi Morphological Requirement: the Theory of Six Connections

The Theory of Six Connections is also a basic morphological requirement of Tai Chi, it is composed of “three out side connections” and “three inside connections”.

Bestselling Books Review: Start Off Written by Chinese Writer Edward Chen

Bestselling Books Review: Chinese Writer Edward Chen wrote an interesting book titled Start Off. Contains profound theories that will bring us to contemplate, possesses some cheering wisdom about our lives.

Wrestling Training: 7 Most Important Things to Remember

There are 7 most important things to bear in mind for training wrestlers. I am going to list and briefly describe those things.

Tai Chi Chuan Three-Sector Theory

In Tai Chi sports, the body is divided into several sectors from the aspect of configurative anatomy, and the ancient practitioners established the traditional three-sector theory.