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Fake H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine & Poisonous Milk: Caution

Fake H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine and Poisonous Milk Hurt your health and endanger your life. How could you stay away from unqualified H1N1 Influenza Vaccine and fake milk? Why do we need medical detectives?

Kindergarten Violence: Teacher Beats Student in Public

Kindergarten Violence: A kindergarten teacher beats her student in public. How cruel. A little boy escaped classes from his kindergarten for missing mother, but soon he was caught by a young female teacher.

Most Fundamental Way to Meet an Emergency

The wisdom classics titled THE BOOK OF CHANGES puts forward three changes. One shall make use of the thinking mode of easy change, and choose and master that of no change, to meet the requirements of hard change of the time.

Yi Quan Styles and Training Techniques

Yiquan is essentially formless, containing no fixed sets of fighting movements or techniques. Instead, focus is put on developing ones natural movement and fighting abilities through a system of training methods and concepts, working to improve the perception of one’s body, its movement, and of force.

Bagua Zhang Origins and Characteristics (Eight-diagram Palm)

Baguazhang is also called the eight-diagram palm. It is part of Chinese martial arts and is one of the most famous popular schools.

Baji Quan Origins, Techniques and Influences (Eight Extremes Chuan)

Baji Quan or Eight Extremes Chuan is a Chinese martial art. It is famous for its elbow strikes. It originated in Hebei Province of Northern China, but is also well-known in other places as well today, especially Taiwan.

Xingyi Chuan Features, Techniques and Principles

Xingyi Quan is also called Xinyi Quan, Xinyi Liuhe Quan or liuhe Quan. It is created by Ji Jike (1602-1683) from Village Zuncun in Yongji County in Shanxi Province.

8 Basic Kung Fu Eagle Claw Style Stances

Stances are the foundation of Eagle Claw. Without a strong foundation a house will fall. Our stances are low and long in order to train “rooting” like a tree. You then learn to move from one to the other smoothly like a river. Stances are also techniques.

Basic Self Defense Techniques for Children: How to Scare Away Attacker

Kids are a group of the weak. They are naturally trusting and curious. So they are the goals that bad men attack. They want to be helpful. It is the most thing for them to master basic self defense techniques.

Tai Chi Health Protection Function to Different Systems

A number of experiment results show that: Persistent practice of Tai Chi may remarkably improve and moderate functions of different systems of the body.