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Plesk automatically renewed with dedicated server renewal

Shall I renew the Plesk control panel when I renew the Dedicated Server? Could I keep the Plesk control panel if I renew only the server? All data that you have uploaded will be erased and you will need to reconfigure your server.

Godaddy refund request: A Mistake of Domain Name Renewal

Godaddy refund request: You may claim a refund if you have any wrong operation with Just send them an email titled refund request, and they will credit the money to your credit card soon.

VPS Hosting Solutions: Virtual Dedicated Server Resource Usage

VPS Hosting Problem: Other server using too much resources to affact my server? How often do you reboot your VPS? Server is down very often. Normal operation of these servers does nor require rebooting.

How to Restore Domain Names in Domain Pending Delete Status

How to Restore Domain Names in Domain Pending Delete Status? Can I renew domain names in pending removal from the registry’s database? Could I take back the domain name restorable I deleted last month?

How To Test Check If Mod_rewrite Module Is Enabled in Apache

How To Test Check If Apache Mod_rewrite Is Enabled? This guidance will show you simple techniques to check weather mod_rewrite module is enabled or not in you web server.

How to Enable mod_rewrite in Apache Server Tutorial Guide

How to enable mod_rewrite in Apache server? Apache configuration could block mod rewrite? Rewrite and manipulate URLs which are sent to webserver. If you have shell access or SSH access to your linux dedicated sever.

Linux dedicated server has Apache mod_rewrite functionality

Does Dedicated Server have Apache mod_rewrite functionality? How to configure Apache mod_rewrite in Linux dedicated server? Enable mod_rewrite in your httpd.conf, and add desired codes to your .htaccess file examples.

Error code: sec_error_ca_cert_invalid Cannot login to Plesk with Firefox

Plesk Secure Connection Problem with Firefox: I cannot login to Plesk, hinting Error code: sec_error_ca_cert_invalid. Actually I just found that Plesk could work with Internet Explorer but not Firefox.

Adding IP addresses on server using Plesk Control Panel

New IP addresses assigned cannot be reread or added into Plesk on Windows Hosting Servers or Linux Dedicated Servers. You will need to make Plesk to Update IP pool and need to re-read Ip for your server.

Mail Server Report Hoax Virus Warning Reflects Internet Fragility

Mail Server Report Hoax Incident Abstract: Mail Server Report 2009 gave us a lesson on Hoax Virus. Warning email message ruins your confidence and destroy anything on your infected computer.