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How Many World No.1 Ranking Titles Does China Claim?

How Many World No.1 Ranking Titles Does China Claim? Maybe this indicates how powerful China is in the world today. Are there any other No.1 Titles China have in the World Ranking List?

How China’s Consumers Spend Their Money?

How China’s rich spend their money? What Do the Chinese People Spend Money On? Read below the 5 Astonishing Ways Chinese Spend Their Money Like Crazy. What do you think of the recent changes and changes to come in China regarding personal finances?

New Credit Card Law Became Effective to Protect Cardholders Deeper into Debt

Thanks to a new law that goes into effect on Feb. 22, which restricts bank tactics but sends rates up and credit lines down. As the new law take effect now, what you need to know about the rates and fees?

Investing Guide: Take Chinese Middle Class Consumers as Major Market

Asian shares trade mostly lower as sentiment takes a hit following weaker-than-expected consumer confidence data out of the U.S. Dow Jones Newswires’ Puja Rajeev reports.