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Chinese Antiques Stamps: Bronze Wares of Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Bronze wares of the Eastern Zhou: Novelty and magnificent modeling. Bronze wares are not only a gem of Chinese ancient civilization, but also a great contribution by Chinese people to the world civilization.

Modeling School: Bikini Fashion Show vs Graduation Model Show

Modeling school girls have to make a graduation report show in sexy bikini swimwears before graduation, according to some newspaper. They have studied dress design for three years in a vocation school in Harbin.

China real estate bubble: Monthly Salary 4K, Housing Loans 1M

China real estate bubble: Review on Dwelling narrowness. I have a monthly salary of RMB 4,000 yuan after taxes. How shall I live on if I take a housing loan of 1 million? I am a girl and reluctant to be bound by the bank debts.

Rich Poor Gap in China: How Poor Chinese People Come Out

How the poor come out in China? Why are some poor while others rich? Are the rich all higher animals? The poorest group in China are farmers who has been famous for their diligence and tolerance of hardship for a long history.

Premier Wen Jiabao Moves Me to Tears During Drought Inpection

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Moves Me to Tears During Drought Inpection. At the sight of the serious Chinese drought disaster, he completely ignores his own health. My eyes become moist slightly and burst into tears all of a sudden.

Contemporary Chinese Painters Compile traditional Chinese painting album

Contemporary Chinese Painters and Painting Album Soliloquy: compiling the album of traditional Chinese painting (a collection of my art works so far) at the request of Oriental Artists Series and was invited to make the author’s preface.