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Intro Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools

If you want to learn Wing Chun techniques and to become a professional Wing Chun practicer, you can choose one of these schools to learn.

6 Wing Chun Kung Fu Forms

You know how many forms there are in Wing Chun Kung Fu? Maybe some people do not know that. No matter. I will show them to you.

Nan Quan Major Styles and Characteristics (Southern-style Chuan)

Nan Quan, also called the southern-style Chuan is a Chinese martial art. It is widely practised in south China. It evolved during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and has many different styles.

4 Steps to Learn Mixed Martial Arts Training Techniques

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that uses a variety of martial arts techniques to bring fighters to the ultimate level of fighting skill and fitness.

Liuhe Quan Techniques and Features

Liuhe Quan is a Chinese martial art. Liuhe Quan, also called Six-combination Chuan, is combat orientated. It is believed to be a derivative of Shaolin Quan and to have been passed on from an old boxer named Cao who lived at Botou in Hebei Province during Emperor Daoguang’s reign in the Qing Dynasty (1821-1850).