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Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Review: Big Shock To Hearts

Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Has Come, should you head down the rabbit hole with your lover? At least he reminds Obama. Oh wait thats Wendy Williams, carrot tops mom or kathy griffin? You may also want to Wach Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Online Free, but the link they give is unavailable now. Pity ehh?

Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Poster

Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Poster

The so called critics tend to always have a totally different point of view on a movie than the average viewer. Many very popular movies have been slaughtered by the critics and loved by the populace. Whether one likes a movie or not is so subjective. I may love sy-fi and you hate it. I love westerns and you love chik flics. Its all a matter of personal taste. Critics have highly acclaimed worthless movies because certain actors did an outstanding job in the movie. The movie itself sucked so no one paid ten dollars to go see it. I have said it many times. There are only a very few good actors and actresses. The “movie” can make a star, but a star can not make the “movie”. Look at all the duds G. Clooney has done. Case in point!

Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Review: A visual treat, but not very filling. That’s the consensus from critics on Tim Burton’s remake of the classic children’s story Alice in Wonderland. Still, we’re guessing this is one of those movies that people are going to see no matter what the film reviews say.

Starring Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen, and Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland is a sure bet for folks who enjoy laughing and being freaked out all at the same time.

Relative newcomer Mia Wasikowska plays Alice, who returns to Wonderland after originally visiting it 12 years ago. There she enters a fantastic world full of strange creatures, topsy-turvy landscapes and a vicious dragon called the Jabberwocky.

Reviews of the film Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 have been split so far, with most critics calling it visually gorgeous and inventive, but with little in terms of concept or plot.

Tom Long of the Detroit News calls it “a visually imaginative fairy tale that suffers slightly from its predictable course but still manages to wow at all the crucial moments.”

However, The Boston Globe’s Ty Burr says, “in its big-budget extraordinariness, Alice is awfully…ordinary.”

So if you don’t mind sitting down for an eye-popping thrill ride, without very much actual substance, Alice in Wonderland is the film for you. See you down the rabbit hole.

My wife and I just got home from seeing this movie. We thought it was a very good movie. Johnny was great as the Mad Hatter. All the parts were played well.

I just want to see the Hookah-smoking caterpillar. I believe he has given me “the call”. Remember what the Doormouse said, “Feed your head”!!!

In my humble opinion, this movie was, as most are saying, a CGI-fest. It wasn’t “bad” per say, there just isn’t much of a basis in the plot that you haven’t seen already in “Narnia” and other movies of that sort. It might be thrilling to children, Tim Burton fanatics, and emo-kids. (Former emo-kids speaking). But I just wasn’t feeling it. It just seemed like a Disney-money-machine type of deal. And definitely isn’t one of Burton’s best films. And what’s with the title? It’s not really “Alice in Wonderland”. I mean the world wasn’t even really “Wonderland” in the film. I wish they’d changed the name into something like, “Alice: Return to Wonderland” or something… I dunno it’s just me…

Alice in Wonderland Movie 2010 Review: Big Shock To Hearts, A Feast to Your Eyes. And if you go chasing rabbits and you know your going to fall….

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