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ACC Tournament 2010 Final Results, 2010 NCAA tournament in championship making

ACC Tournament 2010? 2010 NCAA tournament championship? You must be eager to learn their final rounds results and big events. OK, in this article, you will be told ACC Tournament 2010 Final Results and 2010 NCAA tournament wide-open affair. Ok man, we are not talking about National Football Championship but 2010 NCAA tournament. Don’t miss.

Siena players celebrate winning the Metro Atlantic Conference championship

Siena players celebrate winning the Metro Atlantic Conference championship

ACC Tournament 2010 Final Results Are Surprising

ACC Tournament 2010 Results: Today’s ACC Tournament 2010 formula turned out to be a single of a many startling ever with stronger teams losing to reduction challenging teams ensuing in astonishing semifinal compare ups. The usually approaching win for a day remained a a single where Duke knocked off Virginia.

acc tournament: Though Virginia had managed a win over Boston college in a 1st round, this a single wasn’t a baked sweat bread in a play ground for them as they mislaid to a Duke. Further even Georgia Tech managed a win over North Carolina as well as Clemson had a tough fought feat over a NC state.

North Carolina seems all tired by this waste as well as will have to redeem fast. Now all a eyeballs will be set upon a Miami Vs Duke Semifinal game. You can still go as well as pick up a ACC basketball contest 2010 tickets if we want.

The ACC tournament results 2010 have been shocking for the spectators. Miami, the number 12 team takes on No. 1 ranked Duke in the first game of the semi final round of the ACC Men’s Basketball tournament 2010. NC State takes on No,7 Gerogia Tech. The tournament of the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball is moving at full speed as we approach the] NCAA Select on Sunday. Only four teams among the rest of the ACC tournament at the time, with the Duke of disagreement over the election. Let’s look at the 2010 World Cup, the ACC tends to present the results of the final rounds.

Four games took place on Friday to determine the final four teams to the semifinals of the ACC competition. In a game, and Duke beat Virginia 57-46. Duke is still the team to beat because they are among the highest ranking teams in the nation, and 1 seed in the tournament. Duke also has the distinction of being the only top seed to survive the quarterfinals.

The ACC tournament results 2010 have been shocking for the spectators.However, theres more to come after today’s games results unveiled the semifinal match ups. Duke beat Virginia, which was quite expected. But the other two 2010 ACC tournament results were upsets, leaving Florida and North Carolina game to be played that Friday Night. The ACC tounament’s Saturday schedule has a few underdogs and a tourney favorite as the ACC bracket has come down to 2 teams from four by nightfall.

Miami, the number 12 team takes on No. 1 ranked Duke in the first game of the semi final round of the ACC Men’s Basketball tournament 2010. NC State takes on No,7 Gerogia Tech in the other match.

Have a quick look at the results of the acc basketball tournament so far:

March 11
12:00 p.m.: No. 8 Boston College 62 vs. No. 9 Virginia 68
2:00 p.m.: No. 5 Wake Forest 62 vs. No. 12 Miami 83
7:00 p.m.: No. 7 Georgia Tech 62 vs. No. 10 North Carolina 58
9:00 p.m.: No. 6 Clemson 57 vs. No. 11 NC State 59

March 12 Quarterfinals
12:00 p.m.: No. 1 Duke 57 vs. Virginia 46
2:00 p.m.: No. 4 Virginia Tech 65 vs. Miami 70
7:00 p.m.: No. 2 Maryland 64 vs. Georgia Tech 69
9:00 p.m.: No. 3 Florida State 52 vs. NC State 58

March 13 Semifinals
1:30 p.m.: Duke vs Miami
3:30 p.m.: Georgia Tech vs. NC State

2010 NCAA tournament championship in the making, NCAA brackets

2010 NCAA tournament is a wide-open affair: Two significant things happened to the Kentucky Wildcats on Sunday. One, they captured the Southeastern Conference to cap a 32-2 season. Second, forward Patrick Patterson turned 21, making him the Wildcats’ only major contributor of legal drinking age.

So, one of the favorites to capture the NCAA tournament, the No. 1 seed in the East Region, is about as youthful as a college team can be. UK has a ton of NBA talent. It just doesn’t have much experience. Perhaps not since Michigan’s Fab Five started all freshmen (and then sophomores) has a potential champion been so young.

If that causes you pause as you consider filling UK into a trip to the Final Four in Indianapolis know this, so should just about every other team in the field.

Welcome to what appears to be the most wide-open NCAA tournament in years; one that reflects what was a turbulent season where the number of dominant teams was low, upstarts high and unpredictability constant.

It led the so-called “bracketologists” who focus on such things to declare that rather than expanding the NCAA tournament, maybe they should’ve cut it back to 48 for lack of quality clubs.

“This is the weakest at-large field in the history of the NCAA tournament,” ESPN’s Jay Bilas said.

There are three-to-five teams that most impressed during the regular season and even those carry significant questions into the tournament.

After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Yahoo’s Tournament Pick’em will give you $1 million if you can perfectly predict the bracket. It’s never happened before and I think Yahoo’s money is safer than ever this year. March Madness is popular due to its upsets and upstarts and this year it won’t disappoint.

The first four days of the tournament may produce more unexpected results than ever. Get ready for the woman in accounting that bases her picks on state flowers to walk away with the money.

The NCAA selection committee’s seeds caused raised brows among coaches and fans, but at the same time, how do you make sense out of this mess? The next few weeks should be wild because the names on the front of the jerseys and the seeding number to the side of the scoreboard – the general signs who is and isn’t the favorite – are mostly meaningless.

Consider the first-round matchup between fourth-seed Purdue and 13-seed Siena. It seems simple – Big Ten power vs. little Catholic school. Except Purdue is dealing with calamitous injuries, including one to star Robbie Hummel. In its loss this weekend in the Big Ten tournament it managed just an 11-point half. Siena, meanwhile, won both the Metro Atlantic regular-season and tournament title and has a veteran club that has advanced in each of the last two NCAAs.
Siena players celebrate winning the Metro Atlantic Conference championship.
(AP Photo/Tim Roske)

Don’t be surprised if Siena winds up the favorite in the Vegas sports books; no doubt a tournament first.

That’s your tournament this year.

High-major mediocrity is just one part of the recipe for uncertainty. On the other end, a number of very strong mid- and low-major clubs are waiting to “upset” them. Fifteen teams from lower conferences won both their regular-season and conference tournament, meaning the representative of those leagues are the proven best possible team (not someone who got hot in the league tourney).

Dealing with Lehigh, Northern Iowa, UC-Santa Barbara, Butler, Murray State, Oakland, North Texas, Cornell, Wofford, Morgan State, Siena, Old Dominion, Sam Houston State and Robert Morris may not be as easy as you’d imagine.

At the high-major level, college basketball continues to deal with outside factors that create the chaos. The draining NBA age limit, which causes top prospects to play one season of college ball, means the best talent is often also the youngest talent.

Would you rather have four or five good seniors or a couple of superlative freshman?

“In March, I’ll take talent over experience,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said. That’s good, because paced by freshman John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, it is talent, not experience that will carry the Wildcats. Others would take the seniors, which you’ll generally find at the mid-major level.

The constant churn of talent makes building consistent programs difficult. Defending national champion North Carolina and Final Four participant Connecticut both missed the field this year. So did long-time powerhouses UCLA, Indiana and Arizona, which saw the end of its string of 25 consecutive appearances.

Coaches today are putting teams together on the fly, trying to mesh brilliant newcomers with returning veterans through the early part of the season. Some of the best teams of the last few weeks suffered head-scratching losses early on.

When it comes to seeding, the NCAA uses the entire season’s body of work. However to succeed in the tournament, it’s about who’s playing best right now.

In this new era of the tournament, those are two completely different things, as the next three weeks of action will undoubtedly prove. Good luck predicting where the proof will come though.

You watched nothing but basketball all weekend. You studied all the top seeds. You vowed to win back bragging rights from the marketing assistant who still won’t let you forget that she finished ahead of you last March.

ACC Tournament 2010 Final Results, 2010 NCAA tournament in championship making. But before you submit your bracket, here’s a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts that might help you climb toward respectability in your office pool next week:

DON’T: Pick Butler over UTEP, as that’s what all the pundits are doing purely because they resent that Butler is a team of slow white guys who play in a tiny gym in Indiana and play a slow white offense, yet has won every game they’ve played in the last 3 months, and earlier this year beat No. 2 seed Ohio State. What if your alma mater is Michigan State? I’m going with the gut in that case. If your alma mater is Michigan State then dont pick them to win because everyone is underestimating a talented New Mexico State team that just a month and a half ago got their full team in the rotation. They are pretty well rested.

DON’T put all 4 number 1 seeds in the final four? Why the hell not?? just because its only happened once? What about all the times 3/4 of the number one seeds made it to the final four? Are you recommending we guess which number 1 seed wont make it and risk picking two wrong in the final four?

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