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6 Steps to Make Tattoo at Home

tattoo picture for women

tattoo picture for women

Tattoo becomes more and more popular in the young. Some people see tattoo as bad thing. This view is wrong. It is an art. If you have some artistic ability yourself and want to save some money on a simple tattoo, you can always make a homemade tattoo. This article will take you through all the steps you need to take to make your own black-ink tattoo at home.

Step 1 Boil a safety pin in water for 5 minutes. Then cover it with rubbing alcohol. This is the sterilization process. It is absolutely crucial to prevent infection. In fact, you should also thoroughly scrub your hands with antibacterial soap.

Step 2 Dip the safety pin into the ink. Cover a large portion of the pin tip with ink. If it drips, it will only drip toward the pin.

Step 3 Lay a towel down and another damp rag right beside your work area. Homemade tattoos are very messy at first. The towel is used to catch dripping ink and the damp rag is used to wipe the tattooed skin after you puncture it.

Step 4 Puncture your skin with the dipped safety pin. Be sure to go deep enough. You want to go deeper than the epidermis to make the tattoo permanent. Depending on where you are tattooing, a quarter of an inch should do the trick.

Step 5 Dip the safety pin back into the India ink after each puncture. This ensures that each puncture gets died equally. When you need a break from the pain, stop and wipe the area with your damp rag. This will get rid of the extra ink and blood.

Step 6 Moisturize your tattoo with unscented body lotion. This will prevent it from forming a scab too quickly. Rub lotion on your tattoo about 4 times per day. Anytime your tattoo feels tight, apply lotion. This should continue for at least 2 weeks.

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