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5 Steps to Learn Tai Chi at Home

Tai Chi is origin for all things to be generated and developed. It is also origin of natural movement and life movement. The Chinese martial art of tai chi, which uses slow and precise physical movements to build strength, should be learned from a trained instructor for best results. Once you have mastered the basic movements of the tai chi form, however, you can easily practice at home.

Learn Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi

Step 1

Learn the basic tai chi form from a qualified instructor before you practice at home. Tai chi is much more difficult than it looks and requires precise training on how to breathe, move and focus your energy. While books and videos are available on how to learn tai chi, most experts agree that you need constant feedback to set off on the right path.

Step 2

Find the right place to practice at home. You might want to quickly run through your tai chi form to determine the amount of space you will need without running into furniture or walls. With tai chi, it is important to concentrate on the precise, controlled movements of your body, not whether you’re going to knock over your favorite vase.

Step 3

Stay disciplined and practice at least 4 to 5 times per week. Some people might become lazy and inconsistent without the tutelage of a trained tai chi master, and you will not receive the same benefits by going through your form once a week. Tai chi requires commitment, focus and dedication to work.

Step 4

Choose the right time to learn tai chi at home, such as early in the morning after you awaken, or while your kids are in school. Pick a time of day when you’re certain to be alone, and uninterrupted. Try to pick the same time each day, since tai chi is about commitment and discipline.

Step 5

Practice tai chi at home with a partner. Not only will you be able to perform two-person forms such as push-hands and san-sau, but you both can offer feedback on each others form, and keep each other motivated.

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