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5 Steps to Build Wrestling Rings

Building a wrestling ring is the beginning of being a wrestling superstar. With a little effort and keeping safety in mind, the backyard can be the next location for your “Summer Slam”.

how to make a wrestling ring

how to make a wrestling ring

Step 1 Measure out a square on a flat surface that is 20 feet wide on all sides.

Step 2 Place wooden stakes or plastic plumbing pipes at each of the corners. When securing them into the ground, make sure they are at least 3 feet deep.

Step 3 Dig 2 feet deep into the ground inside the square and move the soil to the outside area of the ring. Pour soft sand inside the dug-out area.

Step 4 Extend nylon rope to all four corners and tie the rope into a noose at the ends of the beams. Tighten until there is just a slight amount of slack. Nylon rope should be applied to the top, middle and bottom portions of the beams with 1 foot between each line.

Step 5 Tie two pillows to the top portion and two pillows to the bottom portion of each beam.

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    Very Useful Rings for Chinese Wrestling. Just try and train your Chinese Kung Fu.

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