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3 Steps to Learn Chinese Kung Fu

Many people are interested in Chinese Kung Fu and want to learn it. Kung Fu is especially beneficial to kids and teens, as it gives them a level of discipline and self worth that will stay with them throughout their adolescence and into adulthood. Use these steps to learn about Kung Fu.

Step 1 Contact your local martial arts academy for lesson information. Classes are usually divided by skill level and sometimes by age group, as to allow for appropriate partnering. Visit Get Into Martial Arts website for a school directory organized by state.

Step 2 Surf the web for Kung Fu video downloads. Videos by Wing Lam are great, as he is well practiced in all areas of Kung Fu and has videos in each area. Look for titles like Iron Body Master’s Kit, which goes through many moves and focuses on using Kung Fu to body build.

Step 3 Place an ad in the paper or check the paper under the “Work Wanted” ads. This also applies to online classifieds, like Many times independent teachers will list their talent and lesson information in a local classified ad

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