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2009 Retrospective Enterprise CMS Highlights, Aliment for Anticipation and Seasons Greetings

Enterprise CMS Highlights: 2009 Retrospective Food for Thought and Seasons Greetings. Beyond accretion activity, accessible antecedent players stepped up their bold and attending to be positioned able-bodied for some 2010 combat.

Actuality we are on the border of the night afore Christmas, if that’s your affectionate of thing. And this time we’re indulging ourselves by shuttering the boutique from now until the aboriginal Monday of 2010.

2009 Retrospective Enterprise CMS Highlights, Aliment for Anticipation and Seasons Greetings. For us it’s absorption season. In that spirit we’ve adapted up a abridged attendant of 2009, including items our readers took accurate absorption in, and some things we begin about interesting.

Without added ado we leave you to some anniversary reading. May the end of 2009 amusement you and castigation well.

Enterprise CMS Highlights

It was abundantly business as accepted in the ECM breadth this year, with a few notable exceptions.

SDL’s accretion of XyEnterprise fabricated faculty

But it was Autonomy’s accretion of Interwoven that was the a lot of talked about

That is until Accessible Text’s acquired Vignette — although abounding doubtable Vignette was on the market.

In November Forrester fingered EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Accessible Text and Oracle as the leaders in their Magic Quadrant for Action Agreeable Administration while Autonomy, Day Software, Alfresco and SpringCM were placed in the visionaries box.

In aboriginal Q4 at Accessible World Oracle appear affairs to accommodate their action Applications with their ECM certificate services. Details were slim, so we’ll accept to attending for added facts there in 2010.

Beyond acquisition activity, open source players stepped up their game and look to be positioned well for some 2010 combat.

Alfresco got a added absorption from analysts and chalked-up an important DoD certification. Adobe and Alfresco abide to plan calm on Adobe’s LiveCycle Action Suite. The aggregation aswell fabricated strides with their billow alms via a affiliation with RightScale.

Paris-based Nuxeo launched US operations in the anytime accepted Boston area, added Digital Asset Administration (DAM) to their alms and assassin Cheryl McKinnon — ahead of Accessible Text — to run all-around business programs.

The DoD was on our alarm afresh as it accurate abutment for accessible antecedent software in the accretion process, in the anatomy of a DoD memo.

SharePoint in the Limelight (still)

SharePoint remained so ascendant that vendors big and baby rushed to body integrations and connectors. All year connected humans begin the affair of Web Agreeable Administration with SharePoint intriguing. However, we heard added about frustrations than successes.

The apprehension and aboriginal previews of SharePoint 2010 bedeviled the anniversary (and awash out) SharePoint Appointment 2009. The accident brought tidbits for abstruse administrators, covered the 2010 advancement plans, and spurred ally to advertise abutment for the product.

For activity managers, Dux Raymond Sy wrote up a abrupt on activity administration with SharePoint 2010. He followed up this commodity with a two-part argument on why SharePoint benightedness is not bliss.

The SharePoint 2010 beta was appear this accomplished November. And Microsoft — anytime agog on alarming upgrades and enabling the accomplice approach — followed up this ages with the barrage of an official SharePoint 2010 advancement account offering.

Yet admitting advance in the field, abounding organizations still attempt to go aloft application SharePoint book administration service. Still, baby Steve Ballmer’s aplomb is college than ever. He even declared how SharePoint is like the PC.

Web CMS a Super Dynamic Amplitude

Perhaps it’s been web agreeable administration that has apparent the a lot of change this year:

Vignette and Interwoven acquisitions were mentioned above, but we’ll afford a breach and pay them admiration one added time here. Confusion was accurate adequately broadly about the Accessible Text grab of Vignette, conspicuously about their 2010 platforms roadmap. There’s aswell been some whispers and chirps about contempo Accessible Text layoffs. Added on that in 2010.

Yes, we like able opinions as abundant as the next fella. Catering to such appetites analyst close Forrester Analysis appear that Web CMS 1.0 is clearly dead. Weee!

We all abstruse that the additional a lot of acclimated Web CMS, Drupal, will — with the accuracy and allotment of Acquia — go from not so user affable framework to simple as pie SaaS with the absolution of Drupal Gardens (now in aboriginal alpha). This something to watch in 2010.

At the J Boye appointment in Aarhus, Denmark key practitioners accurate some annoying truths and focused on web agreeable administration industry challenges. Our contempo commodity Emerging Trends in Web Agreeable Administration touches on this again. Certain choir from the acreage are calling for the afterlife of the WCM acronym, but acceptable replacements accept yet to be put forward, with a beeline face. Break acquainted to the cant space. We’re either traveling to move forward, move backwards, or break put. I anticipate that about covers the options.

Mass bazaar WCM options confused about a bit in agreement of cast backbone and popularity. Yet the a lot of accepted accessible antecedent Web CMS articles abide Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. You can get the angular on the top 20 accessible antecedent CMS brands in the 2009 Accessible Antecedent CMS Bazaar Share report.

Standards Abound, Accretion Ground

The accountable of standards was never far from anyone’s mind:

Enterprise CMS and certificate administration vendors accomplished allotment of the key to their success is the adeptness to interoperate via CMIS. The greatest accepted agency interoperability blueprint fabricated acceptable advance over the advance of 2009 and adaptation 1.0 is now out for accessible review.

HTML 5 connected to accretion absorption even if it’s added years abroad than we like to admit.

CSS3 brought abutment for adaptable and multi-column layouts

Increasing use of the adaptable web brought the charge for standards.

Even Microsoft expresses abutment for accessible standards and interoperability

At J Boye Aarhus in November, Day Software’s David Nüscheler, covered 8 Key Trends in Web Agreeable Management. They fit able-bodied with Day’s affairs and offerings, but about were acceptable aliment for anticipation and absolutely standards oriented.

Discussions at the Gilbane San Francisco accident aswell shone ablaze on standards. Irina Guseva’s commodity Agreeable Integration Standards — CMIS, JSR-170, JSR-283 is a advantageous read.

For a abundant overview of hot agreeable administration standards, apprehend Jon Mark’s commodity WCM Acreage Notes: The Angular on JCR, CMIS and OSGi.

Enterprise 2.0

The acceptance of amusing accretion in the action was big account this year.

Google took the beta tag off its apps to appearance it was action accessible

Then they appear Google Wave, allegedly the next bearing accord platform.

We abstruse four affidavit you should accept amusing media in the action

That Twitter and Facebook are the a lot of actuating technology of all time. And now the real-time blaze hoses are accessible (watch what you say!).

But admitting all the hootin and hollering, not anybody thinks this Action 2.0 affair is necessary.

Industry Themes: Search, Speed, Analytics, Semantics, Real-time, Accessible Antecedent and more…

You can’t go through a year after above industry shifts, 2009 had its share:

Microsoft challenged Google in the seek amphitheatre with Bing. Accept the Seek Wars amorphous in ardent this time?

Google brought new acceptation to beneath is added with the Chrome browser.

Just about anybody was talking about the real-time web. Google apparent real-time search, Twitter opened the real-time blaze corrupt for all developers, as did Facebook.

The analytics amplitude was taken for a roller coaster ride if IBM acquired SPSS for US$ 1.2 bil and Adobe acquired Omniture for US$ 1.8 bil.

The semantic web pushed advanced with an HTML+RDFa Draft, RDFa metadata affective it the Drupal amount and some absorbing analysis on applying semantic web metadata to ample abstracts sets. Tim Berners-Lee connected plan on affiliated abstracts and semantic web technologies, with an official authorization in the UK.

Open Antecedent went to the White House in the anatomy of the Drupal Web CMS. And the U.S. Department of Defense said accessible antecedent software was a-OK for them.

Looking forward, CMS Watch afresh fabricated their 2010 predictions.

And searching backwards (to October 2008), Gartner predicted the Top 10 Strategic Technologies of 2009 …were they right?

That’s it for the anniversary academician aliment fun. Thanks for acknowledging us in 2009 — we’ll see you appropriate aback actuality in January.

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